Oregon Stump Vise
Oregon Stump Vise

Oregon Stump Vise

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Field work is real work! Bring the shop with you on the trail and don’t let a lack of tools be an excuse for a miserably dull saw blade.

Dull chains don’t just slow you down. They are more likely to kick back, produce greater wear on the entire saw and result in more fuel consumption. The Oregon Stump Vise makes hand sharpening in the field a breeze. Simply drive it into a suitable stump, lock the bar down and sharpen away with your favorite hand system.


  • Provides a secure location to file chain while chain is still on the bar.
  • Vise's forks drive into any stump
  • Vise's jaw locks the bar securely
  • Compact size makes it handy to take anywhere
  • 1 lb