Our Story

Trails don't build themselves. 

The art of trail building is built on the foundation of professional and volunteer dirt lovers. People who work to spend every second of life recreating outdoors. People who want others to share in their passion. To leave behind something for their community to enjoy for the coming years. It is bounded by people who have a vision to build trails not just for them to enjoy, but for the larger community. 


In 2012, two colleagues in the outdoor recreation industry were lamenting that there was not a single source for high-quality durable tools to build trails. After years of sourcing tools from an array of vendors for various trail building projects, they knew that not every tool is made the same. During the drive home from a New Mexico road trip, these two guys decided it was time to create an online store for all the go-to project tools available in a one-stop-shop fashion, narrowing down the wide selection of trail building tools to just the necessities.  

And so, Tools For Trails was born.

 Tools For Trails started out carrying the basic hand tools - hoes, shovels, picks, and axes for the gritty digging tasks. As we saw projects becoming more involved, saws, tampers, pruners, and rakes became a necessity. We even started carrying harnesses for even the most involved projects. 

Once our customer base started to grow from those that knew us, we came to the realization that supplying tools for building mountain bike trails wasn’t our final destination. 

While our roots will always be with laying down sweet singletrack, we’ve recently branched out to providing tools, gear, and apparel to a variety of outdoor builders. From climbing access trails builders to river restoration crews to wildland firefighters, Tools for Trails knows the hard work it takes from behind the scenes to provide for and protect the outdoor communities that we all love. 

Tools for Trails prides itself on staying up-to-date on the newest, most efficient tools in the industry. When we’re not outside recreating or building trails, our extremely knowledgeable team is constantly chatting with the leaders in the industry to know what tools are right for them.

We love to chat tools, restoration, and of course outdoor access, so feel free to drop us a line anytime. 

We appreciate your support! 

The Tools For Trails Team