Our Story

The art of trailbuilding is built on the foundation of professional and volunteer dirt lovers.  People who will work to spend every living second of life in the outdoors recreating. It is bounded by people who have a passion to build a vision for the masses to enjoy.

In 2012, two colleagues in the outdoor recreation industry were lamenting that there was not a single source for high-quality durable tools to build trail.  Tools For Trails was born after years of sourcing tools from an array of vendors for various trail building projects. On the drive home from a New Mexico road trip, the two guys decided it was time to create an online store for all the go-to project tools available in a one-stop-shop fashion, narrowing down the wide selection of trail building tools to just the necessities.

We started out carrying the basic hand tools - hoes, shovels, picks and axes for the gritty digging tasks. As projects became more involved, saws, tampers, pruners, and rakes became a necessity. As our customer base grew from those that knew us to include more professional trailbuilders, volunteer groups, and youth corps, we needed to start carrying more soft goods.  Further yet, Tools For Trails began adding personal protection equipment (PPE) into the mix to help keep outdoor enthusiasts safe while on the trail.

Tools For Trails is sharp, staying up-to-date on the newest, most efficient tools that are being used to lay new singletrack or other natural-surface routes.