Nupla Pulaski - The OG
Nupla Pulaski - The OG

Nupla Pulaski - The OG

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It looks strange and the name sounds funny but don’t let the Nupla Pulaski fool you. Originally developed in 1911 as a tool for wildfire frontlines, the Pulaski has a rich history of getting s**t done! 

Go to town with the main ax blade and hack away pesky roots your shovel crews couldn’t get through. Or, flip to the adz blade (a la pickaxe style) and become overwhelmed with amazement as you cut through hard ground, lay a new ditch, or finally silence that squirrel that’s been raiding your lunchbox. Just kidding. Be nice to the squirrels.


  • Ideal for root cutting, digging hard ground, trenching
  • Proprietary Nuplaglas® fiberglass handle
  • Resistant to moisture / chemicals / insects
  • Non-slip grip
  • 8.0lbs