Nupla Pick Mattock
Nupla Pick Mattock

Nupla Pick Mattock

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The Nupla Pick Mattock. Aka the “Grub Axe”. A tool meant for the rough stuff. Rock laden soil. Clay hardened ground. 

Utilize the pick side to pry rocks loose from your project tread. Or, flip to the adz blade and become overwhelmed with amazement as you cut through hard ground, lay a new ditch, or finally silence that squirrel that’s been raiding your lunchbox. Just kidding. Be nice to the squirrels.


  • Ideal for digging hard soil
  • Proprietary Nuplaglas® fiberglass handle reduces weight without compromising strength
  • Resistant to moisture / chemicals / insects
  • Non-slip grip
  • 5.0lbs