Notch Chainsaw Chaps

Notch Chainsaw Chaps

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We’ll be blunt on this one. Wear chaps when using a chainsaw. You may think you’ll be fine without them, but you’re one slip away from having to buy pants with a shorter leg on one side.

Notch Chainsaw Chaps offer great chainsaw protection at a great price. Notch’s professional-duty chaps use ASTM UL approved 8-layer polyester for chainsaw protection, wrapped in 600D Polyester for durability and long-term wear. These chaps are assembled using heavy-gauge nylon thread and high-quality compression snaps and closures.

One note about saw-jamming protection: washing is required. It’s not unusual to see an operator wearing heavily soiled, thin, almost leather-looking chaps that have never been near water and detergent. Bar oil, dirt, sweat, and grit can cause matting of the chain-stopping fibers within chaps and reduce their effectiveness. Regular (monthly with regular use) cleaning and drying according to manufacturer’s recommendations keep the material fluffed and prepared to function. If it’s simply the rough and tumbled look you’re after, consider something less to do with personal safety.


  • Safety Rating: ASTM UL Approved
  • 600D Polyester
  • Fit up to 48 in the waist (all sizes)
  • Outseam is 32in (medium), 36in (large), and 40in (xl)
  • Adjustable Belt