PFERD Chain Sharp CS-X Chainsaw Chain Sharpener

PFERD Chain Sharp CS-X Chainsaw Chain Sharpener

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Everyone knows a dull saw is not a saw. It’s a doorstop! The best time to sharpen your chain is before it gets dull. PFERD, a longstanding name in the “keep-it-sharp-or-go-home” world of production tree care, has improved an already excellent chain-sharpening system.

Simply insert the correct size file, lay the CS-X on the bar, and go to work. The tooth is sharpened and the depth gage is lowered precisely at the same time! Done with the left side? Just flip the file and go to work on the right. No switchover is necessary as with older systems.

Hand sharpening is economical and easier on the chain. PFERD now makes quick, precise sharpening a standard in the field, shop and beyond.


  • Available in two files: 5/32” or 3/16”
  • Choose 5/32” files for:
    • ⅜” Low Profile Chains
  • Choose 3/16” files for:
    • .325” Chains