Dakine Builder Pack 40L
Dakine Builder Pack 40L
Dakine Builder Pack 40L
Dakine Builder Pack 40L
Dakine Builder Pack 40L

Dakine Builder Pack 40L

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    The Dakine Builder Pack is designed specifically for mountain bike trail builders. This 40-liter pack carries everything you need, from hydration, snacks, gloves and first aid, to the trusty old 5-gallon bucket, with external straps for a quiver of longer tools, even that trusty chainsaw has dedicated stowage. The Builder Pack is Dakine's ode to the art of trail building, reworked from the original design released over a decade ago. The Builder Pack is designed right from the Hood River trail system

    • Limited Lifetime Warranty
    • 6mm aluminum internal frame for stable carry
    • Converts to flatbed for construction bucket carry
    • Expandable chainsaw pocket
    • Quick access lopper sleeve
    • Vertical hand tool carry (holds 4 tools)
    • Multiple storage pockets for tools, water, fuel, first aid
    • Fleece-lined sunglass pocket
    • Hydration compatible
    • Integrated rescue whistle/sternum strap


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews
    Bob Spears
    It has possibilities, but needs improvement

    I think that Tools For Trails would benefit by providing some more detailed descriptions and even pictures/examples of the stuff they sell in action. The pack they sent me did not have a way for me to get the hose from my hydration bladder out to the front of the pack...no hole at the top for anything to pass through. The use of hydration bladders is standard on almost all work pack, even in the military so I am obviously dealing with a pack that was not designed to do so (which should have been stated by Tools For Trails) or one that was not subjected to quality control. I own a sharp knife and "fixed" the problem but be aware that the pocket inside the pack will only hold the older sized Camelback bladders and there was no bladder that came with the pack. Tools for Trails can make a name for themselves in the trail building community by reviewing the products that they sell and adding additional information, pictures and suggestions about the products. It couldn't hurt.....

    Just an average pack

    This pack carrys ok but is hot on the back. Having the chainsaw pouch on the outside of the pack moves the load far from the back. Being 6-12 inches from your back, the chainsaw makes the pack wiggle around as you turn or shift your weight. This pack will get the job done but certainly could be better designed. Also, it needs a dedicated external pocket that identifies where your medical kit is. In an emergency an assistant shouldn't have to look around for it.

    Not a great backpack

    I purchased this through Dakine a while back. It’s terrible. The side straps that would allow tools to be strapped in on the sides will not stay tight. It appears to be a basic design flaw. Probably okay if you don’t strap long tools to the side. The long tools would get loose, swing around and become a hassle. At one point is was either going to just leave the tools out at the work site, or leave the pack out in the wild and hand carry to tools back (Nothing was left out on the trails). I wish you better luck if you purchase this pack. As far as tools for trails go, they have been solid. This particular pack though, not so much.