Nupla Point Pry Bar
Nupla Point Pry Bar

Nupla Point Pry Bar

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When the earth was going through a bit of a teenage phase, it threw a bunch of boulders in with the rest of the ground out of spite. It said some things it probably regrets and apologized for its actions, but the boulders still remain.

Enter the pry bar. A simple tool designed to move big things. Utilize it on your rock-laden project to leverage your way out of trouble, move fallen trees or gently nudge the volunteer who’s fallen asleep on the beer cooler.


  • Ideal for leveraging boulders, trees, etc.
  • Drop forged, hardened steel ends
  • Proprietary Nuplaglas® fiberglass handle reduces weight without compromising strength
  • Resistant to moisture / chemicals / insects
  • Non-slip grip
  • 5.0lbs