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Adventure Medical Kits - Trauma Pack III

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The Trauma Pak III is the most advanced kit available from Adventure Medical Kit. This compact trauma kit features a windlass tourniquet and pressure trauma dressing to help stop potentially fatal blood loss, reducing the risk of shock. 

You'll also find trauma shears to help you access the wound, nitrile gloves for personal protection, and gauze dressings to help manage the wound. The resealable, waterproof DryFlex™ trauma bag keeps these vital contents safe and ready to use and can be used to dispose of bio-waste. Add the Trauma Pak III to your field kit for an affordable bleeding control tool you can count on.


  • Designed for Immediate Response
    • Respond quickly to control severe bleeding. This trauma bag contains the essentials you need to stop bleeding in an easy-to-use format, perfect for a personal trauma kit or IFAK add-on.
  • Trauma Response Instructions
    • Prepare yourself with life-saving first aid information. This one-page guide outlines how to use the Trauma Pak III contents to stop bleeding in five easy-to-follow steps with illustrations
  • 4” Pressure Trauma Dressing
    • Apply direct pressure to wounds with the pressure trauma dressing (Israeli Bandage), which combines gauze, pressure bar, and trauma pad to stop bleeds using up to 40 lbs. of force.
  • Windlass Tourniquet
    • Stop persistent bleeds with the windlass tourniquet, the most well-known, military-style tourniquet, which can be applied over clothing for immediate response to life-threatening bleeds.
  • Compact & Lightweight
    • Have the tools you need to stop severe bleeding wherever you go. The Trauma Pak III weighs only 8 oz. and is a compact addition to your glove box, range bag, backpack, or first aid kit.