Product List

Creators of big blades that move dirt better than any traditional pulaski. A company developed literally on the backs of agricultural field workers, minimizing fatigue is always a design consideration- well-balanced, long-handled, and quality materials will improve productivity and extend a work day. American-supplied and manufactured by hand out of recycled agricultural disc blades. After a day of working with a Rogue, we think you’ll agree that this product is actually upcycled.

Zac Tools: The strongest handles on earth with steel tube reinforcements inside AND outside their fiberglass handles. Many veteran trailbuilders are familiar with the famous Zac McLeod- the bolt-less head has always been a savior for compacting soil. More recently dirt shapers have recognized the unique handles of their shovels- more power, less fatigue, and ready for a day of digging.

Nupla: An American innovator for more than 70 years, Nupla has no equal to its TCP pultruded Nuplaglas fiberglass handles. Their reputation for some of the strongest, safest and most ergonomic tools on the planet is well-earned.

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